Who is Banks Mill?

Banks Mill Feeds is located in beautiful Aiken, South Carolina.

Recognizing a need in the Aiken equestrian community, Banks Mill was started in 1996 by Charlie Herrick. Charlie was the previous owner of Aiken Saddlery & Supply and was dissatisfied with the inconsistent quality of feed supplied to his store. A warehouse was converted into a state-of-the-art mill with a lot of help and hard work. With the help of top equine nutritionists, a line of premium, high quality feeds was developed. These products have gained a loyal following.

To ensure state-of-the-art formulation and unparalleled performance of their feed products, Banks Mill Feeds incorporate the latest equine research findings and our customers have superior technical support in the areas of equine nutrition and exercise physiology. Banks Mill Horse Feeds ensure the optimum balance of nutrients critical to growth, reproduction and performance.

Banks Mill is strictly dedicated to the manufacture of horse feed products and uses only the highest quality ingredients. Banks Mill offers horse owners and trainers a full line of horse feed products scientifically formulated to meet the nutrient needs of all horses, from the nursing foal to the top level competitor.Over the years, Banks Mill Feeds have earned a reputation among owners of competition horses and can now be found in stables from Tennessee to North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.The Premium Line of Banks Mill Feeds include Performance 10-10-15 – an energy-rich feed for hardworking horses, Elite – a beet pulp based feed for mature horses in training and First Choice a specially balanced No Corn textured feed for hardworking performance horses.

In January of 2019 Charlie decided to hang up his spurs and handed the reins over to long time Aiken resident and horseman Jesse Waters.  Jesse lives close to the mill on his farm with his family and stable of hunt horses.  “The feeds are great, there’s no need to change them.” He says, “The future is bright, and Aiken is the best place to live, work and best of all, work with horses.”